Extras and Ideas

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Take a look at the images below for ideas on how we use our most popular extra items and their costs.
Click on any photo to see a larger image.


We can add extras to any size mum. For example, this is a very elegant, single super deluxe, senior mum ($105), with a boa ($10). This is great idea if you're on a budget or just feel akward wearing a double or a triple mum, but still want something extra special.



To the right is a white plush horse that's been substituted for a bear ($6)
This mum also has a mirrored disco ball below the mum ($1).


To the left is a cute single mum where we have used a mascot head ($1 extra) instead of a bear. Pearched on top of the bulldog's head is a fun little tiara ($10).

We can also get bear, cougar, eagle, mustang, leopard, lion, panther, tiger, bobcat/wildcat, pirate bear, and other mascot heads.


To the left, a dramatic, triple senior mum with lights added ($20), and some zebra ribbon.

This year we have added zebra ribbon in black/white, green/silver, red/silver and white/silver to our inventory. At $3 p/yd they really add punch. The silver and white is beautiful on senior mums and garters.

The 3 photos below demonstrate how colored mums can be used. We carry colored mums in solid black, and in the two color combinations shown green/white and black/white for $2 each. We also carry silver lame/white or black and white zebra mums for $3 each. Please note that our base price includes white mums at no additional cost.

Click on the green and white mum to see the rhinestone hearts we carry ($3.00). They look nice worked into a mum or placed on the chest of a bear.